When we consider the difference in both names the first idea which is come to our mind simply is one has state and other one does not.


Stateless-Presentational/ Dumb

That means stateful components are keeping track of changing data while stateless components show the data received via props.




In Hyperledger Fabric entities which interact with communication procedure in the network are called nodes.

Node Types in Hyperledger Fabric:

Mainly there are three types of nodes in Hyperledger

  1. Client
  2. Peer
  3. Orderer

Client- Who submits the transaction proposal to endorsing peer nodes and broadcast transaction-proposal to ordering nodes.


Before going into the territory of blockchain first I will make you understand a practical scenario where blockchain is a solution.

Think about a time when you want to buy land from someone you need a lawyer to make sure that land belongs to that land sellar and after you…

How does a Ledger update transaction happen in Hyperledger fabric network with private data and without private data

There is a bit difference between ledger update transaction and query transaction because single peer cannot update the ledger by own. It requires the consent of other peers in the network. …

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