How to setup Hyperledger Indy With Nodejs wrapper in Linux machine

FoundationHyperledger Indy is a distributed ledger software that is coming under the Linux Foundation. It is a project in the Hyperledger greenhouse. Hyperledger Indy provides tools, libraries, and reusable components for providing digital identities rooted in blockchains or other distributed ledgers so that they are interoperable across administrative domains, applications, and any other silo. Indy is interoperable with other blockchains or can be used standalone powering the decentralization of identity.

So let's begin how to setup Hyperledger on your machine. The following are the prerequisites for Hyperledger Indy.

1. Git 2.27

2. Node Js 8.12.0

3. NPM

4. Docker 1.18

5. Docker-compose 1.22

6. Libindy

Installation of Libindy:

sudo apt-key adv — keyserver — recv-keys 68DB5E88
sudo add-apt-repository “deb xenial master”
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y libindy

  • (xenial|bionic) xenial for 16.04 Ubuntu and bionic for 18.04 Ubuntu.

After you have these all prerequisites on your machine you are ready to go with Hyperledger fabric.

Step by step guide to setup Hyperledger Indy node Wrapper

Install Indy SDK repo:
git clone

Run using node js SDK:

cd samples/nodejs
Step 1: npm run ledger ( This command will create a docker container with preconfigured stewards node)

You can see the configurations if go to ci/indy-pool.dockerfile dockerfile and you can change them according to your requirements. I will discuss it in one of my coming articles.

Then You will see it will pull all the necessary Docker images and it will create the container for stewards node. You can see it by issuing docker ps -a command on the command line.

Step 2: npm install ( Installing all required packages )

Step 3: npm run start ( Starting the Alice use case )

Reference Material :

Indy SDK codebase:

Getting Started:

White Papers:

I will create some more articles on Hyperledger Indy which will be important for a beginner who is coming to learn Hyperledger Indy too. Follow me and wait for those articles. Thank you.

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